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The Grillo Center Labyrinth at the Municipal Complex Park

The Grillo Health Information Center invites you to experience a walk on our permanent outdoor labyrinth just west of the main branch of the Boulder Public Library and south of Boulder Creek.

This contemporary labyrinth is an interactive public art form designed by artists George Peters and Melanie Walker of Airworks, Inc. The labyrinth has become a defining design in the park area, using natural materials to create two intersecting paths. The two paths start at each end of the long park and meander in small loops to a central circle where the two lines spiral to a central meeting place.

Labyrinth from the west sideA labyrinth is an ancient symbol found in many cultures, used as a tool for meditation, healing, ritual and celebration. Walking a labyrinth can be a calming meditative process or it can be a playful, spirited activity. Labyrinths are works of art, places to play and places for introspection and healing.

The Grillo Center Labyrinth at the Municipal Complex Park belongs to the community. For more information and to arrange group labyrinth walks, contact Susan Wadle 303-417-1098 or