Grillo Health Information Center - Free access to the latest health information

The Grillo Health Information Center was founded to meet individual and family needs when faced with a health issue. Our services include free personal research on your behalf to the most up-to-date medical information. The information we provide is empowering to others in making informed decisions about health and lessening an over-reliance on expensive and perhaps sometimes unnecessary health care costs. The origin of this organization began when Virgil Grillo, a professor at the University of Colorado, was diagnosed with cancer and could not find reliable health information or alternative treatment options. The Grillo Center has evolved over the last 12 years to serve any health related need by providing evidenced-based research for traditional or complementary approaches to health care. Our volunteers are trained to provide confidential, nurturing services to anyone in need, and to encourage self-sufficiency and health literacy among the population.

The Grillo Health Information Center plays an important role in helping individuals make better decisions to sustain and improve health and well-being. As more individuals and families develop confidence in their own ability to access health care information and in their own health management practices, they will personally experience improved health and well-being. We have learned that those who make the most significant contributions to others are those who have been through similar challenges and who have experienced positive outcomes. Many of our volunteers are such individuals.

Scientific research shows that personal health behaviors, or self-care as it’s referred to in the field, play a major role in the prevention of premature morbidity and mortality related to many chronic health problems. One of the most important breakthroughs in improving health is the discovery that avoidable morbidity and premature mortality can be prevented by taking simple actions that are within the grasp of most adults. By adopting recommended health behaviors, through informed decision-making, people can preserve their health and postpone and reduce the effects of chronic diseases.

At the core of the Grillo Health Information Center, is the belief that individuals can and should take charge of their own health and well-being, and that most have the power within themselves to do so.

Studies by the National Institute of Health show that low health literacy has a real financial cost to health care delivery systems. Poor health literacy is linked to higher rates of chronic illness, hospitalizations, and expensive emergency services. It affects everyone, and comes at a high price not only for health and well-being, but for the health care system in general. Low health literacy is estimated to cost between $106 and $234 billion annually. The Grillo Health Information Center is doing its part to improve health literacy and to reduce the over-reliance on unnecessary health care costs.

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